I don't know what, nor do I know why.

Hello. We, da people of ninjago( that's us( we're the tunnel snakes ) )
How do you do?
How do you know?

The rain in Spain exists mainly in the plainest of plains.
Lanes of grains make rainbows of grease stains.
Few knew the true hue of blue you referred to.
Many fettered letters are bettered by trend-setters and feathered settlers.
All-the-while, many-a-child chews many-a-file while cracking a small sly smile.
A once sappy grand-pappy sees such happening and feels deeply happy.
The grand lemonade stand is manned by a man flinging a rubber band with his left hand.
Beaming beans induce sweet dreams into the seams of Joaquin's jeans.
A short while of error and trial resulted in the mile-long crocodile crying in denial.
A perplexing leftie was left annexing the west wing while jesting and trying to sing forebodingly.
Try as you might, the sight of the bright light to the right excites.
Few do choose to chew through the saloon's baloons, such as Montesquieu of Peru.


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