In many countries' societies, women became much better respected. Disco reached the peak of its popularity. The Vietnam War was widely protested. The first earth day was celebrated. Bell-bottom jeans were popular fashion. For much of the decade, both home video games and arcade ones flourished.

Women define society

For much of the existence of humanity, males were seen as societally dominant over women. During previous decaded and this one included, that has changed. Women came to be a much more definitive part of societies worldwide.

In multiple countries, women came into political power. Isabel Peron came to be the first female president of Argentina. Margaret Thatcher came to be the United Kingdom's first female Prime Minister. Indihira Ghandi was granted the role of Prime Minister of India.
On 1971 February 7, it is popularly voted in Switzerland that women should have a vote in federal elections( source ).


The people of the 1970s enjoyed many of the same or equivalent recreational activies as we do today. As of the 1970s, dancing in a night club with loud music came to be a popular phenomenon known as Disco. While less popular now, this is still an enoyed activity of many people today.

Video games got their first popular start in the 1970s. Moreso than ever before, video games are enjoyed by the people of the world.

Movies, music, and television were all definitive parts of recreation during the 1970s. Those activies are perhaps just as popular today. People of the 1970s enjoyed them in different ways than the people of today. As of then, CRT televisions recieving data via an antenna and standalone radios were much more common. As of today, large televisions that recieve data via an internet cable along with phones that can hold thousands of songs and simultaneously download and play movies, those are much more common. Regardless of how these mediums of entertainment are enjoyed, they are still very much the same mediums of entertainment.

Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness came to be more culturally important. This is in part due to the organization of Earth Day, a holiday dedicated to celebration earth and the preservation of it. First celebrated 1970 April 22, it has been annually celebrated all across earth since then( source ). On that first celebratory day, Kansas University celebrated for an entire week, with members of the student body leading the celebration. According to Kansas University's website:
( source )

'KU students began and Environmental Center whose purpose was to "coordinate local agencies in Lawrence concerned with environmental protection and equality" and hoped to "combine the professional expertise at the University with the activities and information of community organizations."'

Along with school students, many otherwise people actively celebrated the first Earth Day. According to INDEPENDENT:
( source )

"The first Earth Day in 1970 event saw an astonishing 20 million people across the US taking to the streets -- around 10 per cent of the country's population at the time."

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