The 1970s served as a time in which musical creativity flourished. Some of the popular musicians of the previous decade flourished, such as Elvis Presly, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney. Rock was thrust into the mainstream by the likes of AC / DC, Queen, and KISS. Disco was dominated by ABBA and others throughout the decade. Bob Marley's music brought reggae from Jamaica to all the rest of the world. Soloist musicians such as Stevie Wonder and Elton John soothed the ears of many.

Recurring musicians

Many popular musicians of the 1960s found popularity during the 1970s too. Here are some examples of such:

• Elvis Presley
• John Lennon
• Paul McCartney

While each of them became less popular, they still had a meaningful audience.


In the previous decade, rock was in the infancy of its genre. As of the 1970s is when it truly began to flourish. It became one of the most popular musical genres, with many of the popular rock songs of the time still being listened to today. Popular rock musicians of the time included:

• Black Sabbath
• Led Zepplin
• Queen
  • Their album Bohemian Rhapsody became an international success
• AC / DC
  • Their album Highway to Hell became an international success
• Aerosmith
• Pink Floyd
  • According to Ultimate Classic Rock, "Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon finally left Billboard's album chart in July 1988, 736 weeks after it debuted on the weekly Top 200 listing."


During the 1970s, Disco as a music genre thrived. Popular Disco songs of the time include:

• "Love Train" the O'Jays
• "Rock the Boat" the Hues Corporation
• "I Will Survive" Gloria Gaynor
• "Disco Lady" Johnny Taylor
• "Gimme Gimme Gimme" ABBA
• "Dancing Queen" ABBA
• "J'attendrai" Dalida


During the 1970s, reggae grew from a music genre local to Jamaica to an internationally enjoyed one. Some of the songs that were popularly listened to include:

• "Black and White" Three Dog Night
• "I Can See Clearly Now" Johnny Nash
• "I Shot the Sheriff" Eric Clapton
• "Jammin" Bob Marley
• "One Love" Bob Marley


Naturally, many other songs influenced the musical culture of the decade.
Soloist singers such as Elton John and Stevie Wonder became international sensations.
David Bowie, Willie Nelson, the Bee Gees, and many many more defined the 1970s' musical culture.

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